Garment Hanger PA01652


 Item:         PA01652

 Material:   Hooks & supports 
                   are die cast metal.  Tube
                   is stainless steel.  Hook
                   markers are resin and 
                   numbered 1 - 10.
                   Removeable tags with matching
                   numbers are nylon.  

 Finish:      Hooks & Supports: Polished 
                   Chrome or Silver 7
                   Tube: Satin Stainless Steel
                   Hook Markers: White or Red 
                   with Black numbers.
                   Removeable Tags: Black

 Note:        Sequentially numbered 
                   markers and tags are available
                   when multiple garment hangers
                   are required. 

 Size:         All dimensions shown are in 
                   millimeters (mm). To convert to 
                   inches multiply mm by 0.0392. 

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